A Cleaner Place only recomends new Premium Vacuum Cleaners and Cleaning supplies and tools that have been tested personal by us.  If a product fails our tests in quality, effectiveness or sustainability, we do not  recomend it.

Purchasing a new vacuum cleaner can require way more thought than most people realize until they are in the market.  After a small amount of research many opt for an inexpensive vacuum that will last one or two years.  A Cleaner Place is commited to educate you in the difference of vacuum cleaners, allow you to test drive machines that you are interested in and advise you based on your cleaning needs and budget, which vauum cleaner is best for you.

Air purifiers come in many different shapes, sizes and price ranges.  Your particular requirement for partical removal is the primary difference in determining which air purifier is right for your home or office.  Our sales personal have gone through extensive training classes to obtain the knowledge required to help you choose the right machine to achieve the air quaility you desire.

Have you ever looked at all the chemically laden cleaning products on the market.  It is staggering just to think of the amount of polution each of us put in our environment every time we clean a particular item or our entire home.  This is not just refering to bleach and pine-sol.  Your laundry, carpets, kirchen appliances, showers, bare floors, and even your pets all require cleaning at some time.  Our large array of Green All Natural cleaning products will help you in your quest to have not only a clean home, but keep it healthy also.

If you have a particular cleaning problem or task that you cannot seem to get done to your satisfaction, or if you just want to do your part in reducing the amount of chemeical runoff to our lakes and streams you need to stop by and talk to our sales staff.  We can recommend products for all parts of our lives that are effective, healthier and more cost efficient that what you are already useing. 

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